Online Warranty

1. The warranty for your air conditioning is valid from the date of purchase as detailed below.
-The wall-mounted Invertor Type air-conditioning with for a period of 2 years for parts and 10 years for compressor.
If the product is faulty within 10,000 hours or 1.2 years, the company will replace it with a new product promptly (applicable to fan coil unit or condensing unit only).
– Wall-mounted models with No. 5 label comes with 2-year warranty for equipment and 10-years for compressor.
– Floor/ceiling Type models with No. 5 label comes with 2-year warranty for equipment and 5 years for compressor.
– Four direction Cassette Type and EGAT Type models with No. 5 label come with 2-year warranty.
– All air-conditioning models without No. 5 label of between 10,000 – 60,000 BTU come with 2-year warranty for equipment and compressor.
– Air conditioning models with over 60,000 BTU come with one-year warranty for equipment and compressor.
2. The company will offer warranty for faulty products as a result of poor-quality parts or manufacturing errors.
3. No refund policy is available following your purchase, except for the Inverter models (conditions applied).
The warranty is invalid under the following circumstances:
1. Damage to air conditioning due to substandard electricity use, short-circuit, voltage surge or drop
2. Damage due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, wind disasters or fire
3. Damage due to animals or insects inside the machine, causing damage to equipment
4. Damage due to movement, transportation, accident or repair performed by an individual, who is not the company’s employee or the company’s authorized distributor
5. Damage due to installation, such as improperly welded copper refrigerant lines, using of refrigerant pipe which is either too small or too large in diameter or unusually long vertical line application or long line application without adequate oil trap or refrigerant trap, or poorly-made flared joints as well as modification or alteration of the product
6. Damage due to incorrect use, use of the product for the wrong purpose, including missing maintenance schedule such as cleaning of the interior and exterior of the device or replacing of equipment such as filter
7. The Company shall not be liable for any damages and other charges such as labor, travel, refrigerant
8. The company has not received a warranty card in Section 3 that is required to be returned to the company or the company is not notified of an installation registration

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