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Eco-friendly refrigerant R410A
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What is Inverter?
Inverter lowers energy consumption up to 30-50%
An inverter is an electronic device for controlling the speed of the compressor motor at a desired frequency at a push of a command on a remote control through an embedded microcontroller. When an inverter air-conditioner is switched on, the compressor motor runs at its lowest voltage and accelerates to top speed in a short time. The motor runs at full capacity until the fixed room temperature is achieved, and it automatically runs at part load to maintain that temperature, thus producing less noise, making it effectively quiet than a normal AC.

4-Ways Auto-Swing
Enjoy cool air in all corners of the room with Vertical Swing and 4-way Horizontal Adjust features.

Electrostatic Nano Carbon Filter (optional)
The air filters offer maximum efficiency in intercepting airborne pollutants such as dust, fungi, bacteria and pollen.

HEPA “High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter” (optional)
Made of high-quality filter media, the HEPA filters can clean the air of fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM 2.5).

5 year compressor warranty